High Performance Processor Core

Ÿ ARM Cortex-A7 Dual Core up to 1 GHz

Ÿ 16KB I-Cache/16KB D-Cache/128KB L2-Cache
Ÿ Neon and FPU
Ÿ Memory Management Unit for Linux support
Ÿ DMA Engine


ARM Cortex-A7 Dual Core 1 GHz with Neon and FPU

max.two MIPI interfaces with 2 or 1 data lane and 2 clock lanes

TTL output up to 1280x800 60fps
MIC and DMIC inputs,lineout
I2S TDM 8-channel, RX 2/4/8 channels, TX 2 channels

SDIO 2.0 x1
USB 2.0 x1
512Mb DDR2
Ethernet x1
Security Engines
SPI x2 I2C x2 UART x4 PWM x4
68-pin QFN, 7mm x 7mm