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ARM Cortex-A53 Dual Core with max. clock rate 1.2GHz with Neon and FPU
Two sets of MIPI RX interface
Supports max. 2-CH HDR Bayer or YUV video input
Supports up to 4K (3840x2160) pixels video recording and image snapshot
4K@20fps H.265/H.264 encoding or decoding
4K@20fps JPEG/MJPEG encoding or decoding
Two stereo ADCs with max. 4-CH single-ended or differential microphone inputs
One stereo DAC with max. 2-CH single-ended lineout
I2S digital audio input
SPI NOR/NAND Flash Interface
SD/eMMC Interface
One USB2.0 port configurable as Host or Device or as USB3.1 Gen1 device
Embedded 2Gb 16-bit DDR3(L) memory  with max. clock rate 1066MHz
One USB 2.0 Host Controller
One SDIO 3.0 Host Controller
Security Engines
PWMx11 UART x5  SPI x3 I2C x6  I2C x6
331-ball BGA, 13mm x 13mm